Pricing for Intelligent Recommendations

Last updated: November 6, 2021

Pricing at a glance

Meet your organization’s recommendations needs and budget with competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing for creating AI models and serving recommendations results at scale.


You're charged for the real-time recommendation requests (transactions) processed per region by the Intelligent Recommendations service for each Service Endpoint, for each hour, counting the transactions in units of TPS-Hour, and using the tiered pricing table.

Standard and Premium requests are measured separately (see appendix for details on Standard and Premium features).

TPS-Hour Standard Price per TPS-Hour Premium Price per TPS-Hour
Up to 20,000 per region $0.20 $0.40
Next 180,000 per region $0.10 $0.30
Above to 200,000 per region $0.05 $0.20

During account provisioning, you're asked to configure the “Pre-allocated Capacity” for each Service Endpoint for optimal working Transactions per seconds (TPS) to ensure proper SLAs, and the Service Endpoint can handle the allocated number of transactions per second.

The calculation of number of transactions handled by the Service Endpoint instance within an hour takes the MAX of (actual number of requests received, and the Pre-allocated Capacity) transactions every second and sums this number over the entire hour.

If you use multiple Modeling instances in the same Intelligent Recommendations account, then all recommendations requests will be processed as Premium transactions.


You're charged for the modeling compute hours consumed to train the AI-ML models.

The exact number of modeling hours consumed will depend on the size of your data and catalog, the type of features and lists you model, and the frequency at which you model them.

There are two types of Modeling – Standard and Premium.

Modeling hours for Standard and Premium are counted separately and are charged differently (see appendix for details on Standard and Premium features).

  • Standard Modeling / Hour Price = $0.24

  • Premium Modeling / Hour Price = $0.50

There's a minimum charge of two (2) modeling hours a day per Modeling Instance.

Once modeling resources are inactive or deleted, you'll no longer be charged.

Free Trial

You can provision the Intelligent Recommendations service with one (1) Modeling instance and one (1) Service Endpoint instance with Pre-allocated Capacity set to one (1) TPS.

You can use the service in Trial mode for free for three (3) months. Trial period also ends if you provision more than one Modeling or Service Endpoint instances, or if you use Service Endpoint instances with Pre-allocated Capacity set to more than one (1) TPS.

Premium and Standard Features

Premium features

  • Similar Looks
  • Bring the Look
  • Similar Text (NLP)
  • Multiple Modeling instances on one (1) Intelligent Recommendations account

Standard features

  • Personalized Picks for You
  • People who do this tend to also do this
  • Next Best Action
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Real-time Session based Picks for You
  • New
  • Popular
  • Trending

Pricing Example

This example is of a business using Intelligent Recommendations to suggest relevant items for a user in various different experiences. You can assume that the business uses a single Standard Intelligent Recommendations account and model, which is by default and automatically trained once per day.

This table shows how the monthly costs according to various Pre-Allocated Capacity values set for Service Endpoints, for all requests of Standard type. Costs below are in USD and include an assumed modeling cost of $300.

Pre-Allocated Capacity for Service Endpoint Total Monthly Cost
5 $1,020
10 $1,420
15 $1,780
20 $2,140
30 $2,860
50 $4,300
100 $6,300
200 $9,900
500 $20,700