Overview of copilot template for personalized shopping (preview)


Some or all of this functionality is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change.

The retail industry is always on a quest to continuously enrich customer experience by making it more personalized and keeping the customer engaged. With every new advent in technology, there's an immediate effort to create an experience that can enable retailers to provide a differentiator to their customers.

Providing personalization to customers walks the thin line of engaging the customer while not infringing into their personal space. Copilot template for personalized shopping is your answer to this sweet spot. Retailers can now provide personalized customer experience with contextual and informative interaction, without overstepping the thin line.

Copilot template for personalized shopping is a starter app that lets consumers shop through an AI enabled chat experience. This app can be embedded into your own shopping websites and apps, which further help in enriching customer interaction in an organic way. Your consumers can now interact with the AI-enabled assistant, seek suggestions, guidance to help in making an informed shopping decision. The app helps to convert the interactions into an assisted sale closure in a seamless way.

The key advantages of using copilot template for personalized shopping are:

  • Uses existing tech investments: The backend technology built for e-commerce is seamlessly reused in your conversational experience.

  • Improves customer experience: Customers can shop online the same way they shop offline that is, by speaking with a trusted expert.

  • Delivers personalization: Brings to life real-time, personalized offers and recommendations through an innovative conversational experience.

  • Provides speed to value: Increases speed to value by connecting headless commerce engines that into a retailer's existing technology infrastructure.

The list of features of copilot template for personalized shopping are:

  • Builds your first party data estate: Feeds data from customer interactions into Retail data model for analytics and insights.

  • Have zero training time: Microsoft AI experts built a model that works for retail shopping. You don't need further training time before deploying copilot template for personalized shopping .

  • Receive latest updates: Microsoft is always making copilot template for personalized shopping smarter for retailers and their customers. You can receive latest updates in experience without any extra needs.

  • Be future proof: Features the latest Microsoft technologies such as Azure OpenAI, ChatGPT, Azure Cognitive Search, and Power Apps, and is extended through Microsoft's third-party ISV ecosystem.