Overview of Sitecore OrderCloud connector (Preview)


Some or all of this functionality is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change.

Sitecore OrderCloud connector, one of the key capabilities of Retail data solutions, gives you a quick and reliable platform to get your commerce data into Microsoft Retail Data Model. The connector performs transformation and orchestration on top of the data from Sitecore OrderCloud to align with Microsoft Retail industry standard schema.

The connector works across three key data sets:

  • Products: All the sellable products available in Sitecore OrderCloud

  • Customers: End users who are shopping from your eCommerce portals

  • Orders: Sale Order created by customers

While the key role of the connector is to get data into the Retail Data Manager (RDM) schema, the primary benefit is the access you get to solutions that are built on top of RDM.

Currently, the following solutions can be enabled on top of Sitecore OrderCloud data:

Power BI reports on sales, products, and customer data

The Power BI reports comes out of box when you install Sitecore OrderCloud connector. The connector ensures that no personal information of users is transferred for enabling the Power BI reports and other related solutions.

The Power BI reports, which you get when the connector is installed provides actionable insights on top of your data. Each report provides a specific view of your data across sales, customers and products that can help in making merchandising, marketing, and supply chain decisions.

Copilot template for personalized shopping

Copilot template for personalized shopping needs to be enabled separately. Refer to Overview of copilot template for personalized shopping.