Workload templates for Sovereign Landing Zone

Sovereign Landing Zone (SLZ) provides an environment offering guardrails through policies and policy sets, security-enforcement, and consistent baseline infrastructure for deploying workloads and applications. SLZ is based on Azure Landing Zones and extends it with guardrails and security controls specific to sovereignty requirements.

To help accelerate customers time-to-value while assisting them in meeting their compliance objectives, Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty includes ready-to-use workload templates that can be consistently deployed and operated in a repeatable manner. The workload templates are aligned with Sovereignty Baseline policy initiatives, Cloud for Sovereignty policy portfolio, and Azure Landing Zone default policies.

We're introducing two templates, and a sample sovereign application for learning purposes and validating the functionality of SLZ policy sets and their enforcement of the confidentiality of services within the Sovereign Landing Zone.

You can deploy all applications using the PowerShell and Bicep, and they're fully compatible with SLZ. To learn more about the advantages of using these templates, refer to the following links:

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