View credits in Environmental Credit Service (Preview)


Some or all of this functionality is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change. You can access the Environmental Credit Service (Preview) sandbox environment for a 30-day trial. To use Environmental Credit Service (Preview) in a production environment, complete the Environmental Credit Service (Preview) sign up form.

View issued credits

Market role: Supplier

  1. Sign into Environmental Credit Service (Preview).

  2. Select the project from the project list view to view the project details.

  3. To view the issued credits, select the Credits issued tab.

View credit details and attach files

Market role: Issuing registry

The issuing registry can view credit details and attach files, such as like ownership transfer certificates, for an active issued credit.

  1. Sign into Environmental Credit Service (Preview).

  2. Select the All credits tab to list all the credits issued to date by the registry.

  3. Select the credit from the list. View the credit details in the Credit overview and Credit attributes sections.

  4. View the ecological project details. For modular benefit project details and the attached files to the modular benefit project, select View more from the Modular benefit project details section.

  5. View the claim details (along with checkpoint details and attached files) by selecting View more from the Claim details section

  6. View the files that have been attached to the credit in the Files section.

  7. To attach files for an active credit, select Attach on the credit details page. For more information about attaching files, go to Manage files in Environmental Credit Service (Preview).


    Attached files can’t be deleted and are automatically attached to the credit.

For instructions on how to view credit lineage details, go to View credit lineage.

Search and view credits

Market role: Buyer

Buyers can search and view details for credits listed across marketplaces registered on Environmental Credit Service (Preview).

  1. As a user with the buyer marketplace role, sign into Environmental Credit Service (Preview).

  2. Navigate to the Buy credits tab to view the credits that are available for purchase across marketplaces.

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