User experiences inherited from Power Platform

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Technical Summit May 2024

Microsoft Sustainability Manager has some user experiences that are inherited from Power Platform.

User roles and permissions

Microsoft Sustainability Manager has two user roles:

  • Sustainability all - full access: This role has permission to read/write/share across the organization.
  • Sustainability all - read only: This role has permission to read and share across the organization.

To assign users to these roles, refer to the instructions in Assign a security role to a user.

Any additional roles can be created by copying the existing roles and modifying the privileges, as needed. For more information, see Save time creating a security role by copying one.

Role inherited from Power Platform

The following role is inherited from Power Platform:

  • System administrator: This role has full access to the entire environment and can assign roles to other users.
  • Basic user: Grant this role to the user who is responsible for ingesting data into Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

Locales or regions for data

Different locales (also called regions) have different ways to display data. For example, some regions use a default date format of mm/dd/yyyy, while others use dd/mm/yyyy. For more information, see Document or project locale and Set a locale or region for data (Power Query).

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