Deep analysis report

Use the Deep analysis report in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to dive deeper into data and uncover insights that might not be available from other reports.

  1. On the left navigation, select Analytics.

    Screenshot of Analytics on the left navigation.

  2. Select Insights.

    Screenshot of Insights on the left navigation.

  3. On the top menu, select Deep analysis.

    Screenshot of Deep analysis.

  4. Under Filters, select a reporting period, and then select an accounting method:

    • Location Based: Reflects the average emissions intensity of grids on which energy consumption occurs.
    • Market Based: Reflects emissions from electricity you've purposefully chosen.

    Screenshot of filters.

  5. Use the Decomposition tree to drill down from the company level to more granular levels, including:

    • Emission source
    • Organization
    • Scope
    • Country/region
    • Facility

    Screenshot of Decomposition tree.

    Choose how to split your data by selecting the + button next to Total emissions, and continue adding categories as needed.

    Screenshot of Total emissions with + button next to it.

    Select branches on the Decomposition tree to gain insights into each category. Sequence the categories differently to gain further views of the data.

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