Renewable energy dashboard

The Renewable energy dashboard provides a summary view of renewable energy, its sources, and the contract type.

Filter by reporting period, accounting method, or organizational hierarchy

Filter the dashboard by reporting period and accounting method.

Filter the dashboard by organizational hierarchy.

View summary statistics

View summary statistics in the left tile. These statistics include renewable energy as a total percentage of energy that was used for the selected reporting period compared to the previous period. The tile also shows the percentage of renewable energy by source type, such as solar, wind, and water.

This tile has three tabs: Renewable energy, Renewable energy by source, and Renewable energy by source (line chart). Each tab has a toggle that you can use to show a comparison by year. When the toggle is off, data for the selected reporting period is shown in a monthly view. When the toggle is on, data is shown for all reporting periods.

View details

The bottom-left tile shows renewable energy by contract type. It indicates the renewable energy in the appropriate measure, such as kilowatt-hour (kWh), and the percentage of renewable energy.

View data by country/region, organization unit, or facility

This tile has three tabs: By country/region, By organizational unit, and By facility. Each tab shows renewable energy for the corresponding delineation of data.