Deploy Sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric (preview)

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Some or all of this functionality is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change.

This article shows you how to deploy Sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric (preview).


Before you deploy Sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric (preview), ensure you fulfill these prerequisites.




To deploy the capability in a workspace with paid Fabric capacity, ensure that your tenant admin provides you with the permission to deploy Sustainability data solutions in Fabric (preview) and its associated capabilities.

To provide the appropriate permissions, your tenant admin can follow these steps:

  1. In your Fabric environment, select Settings (the gear icon) in the top menu, and then select Admin portal.

  2. On the Admin portal page, select Tenant settings, and then select Sustainability solutions (preview).

    Screenshot showing the Fabric (preview) Admin portal.

  3. Slide the toggle to Enabled. In the Apply to: section, you can either keep the default selection of The entire organization, or you can provide this permission selectively to specific security groups by selecting the Specify security groups option. Then select the Apply button.

    Screenshot showing how to enable permissions in the Fabric (preview) Admin portal.

Deploy the solutions

  1. In Microsoft Cloud Solution Center, select the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability tile. On the Sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric (preview) tile, select Go to setup. The Industry solutions page in Microsoft Fabric appears.

    You can also reach the Industry solutions page while you're in Fabric by selecting the Industry Solutions tile.

  2. In Fabric, select an existing nonproduction workspace or create a new workspace for deploying Sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric (preview) by following these steps:

    1. Select Workspaces from the left navigation menu.

    2. Select New workspace. In the side panel, provide the workspace name and description, and then select Apply.

  3. Select Industry solutions at the bottom of the left navigation. On the Industry solutions home page, select the Sustainability solutions (preview) tile, provide a name to your solution, and then select Create to create the solution and reach the solution detail page.

    Screenshot showing how to deploy Sustainability data solutions in Fabric (preview).


    If the workspace doesn't have Fabric trial capability, the Upgrade to a free Microsoft Fabric tile window appears. Select the Upgrade to start the Fabric trial for the workspace. Provide the name of your sustainability solution and select Create.

  4. In the Solution capabilities section, select the data estate tile to learn more about the data estate and to deploy it.

  5. From the data estate page, you can view the description of the capability and the list of artifacts that deploy in your workspace if you deploy the data estate.

  6. Select Deploy to workspace to deploy the data estate. If you're deploying Microsoft Azure emissions insights (preview), accept the terms on the Accept terms popup.

    The deployment can take a few minutes. In the meantime, you can work in another tab. After deployment completes, you'll be notified. Select the Manage capability button from the message bar to navigate to the Manage capability page of the data estate to view the deployed artifacts.

    Screenshot showing the artifacts deployed with Sustainability data solutions in Fabric (preview).

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