Responsible AI FAQ for Creating Reports with Copilot (preview)


Some or all of this functionality is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change.

This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about the AI technology used in Creating reports with Copilot (preview) in Microsoft Sustainability Manager. It includes key considerations and details about how the AI is used, how it was tested and evaluated, and any specific limitations.


This feature is included in Microsoft Sustainability Manager Premium.

What is Create Reports with Copilot?

Copilot in Sustainability Manager is an assistive technology powered by the Azure OpenAI service that enables organizations to extract data more quickly and automate the process of creating a report. Creating a report with Copilot in the Microsoft Sustainability Manager enables users to use natural language to interact with the reporting system. Report parameters such as the report type, date range, report name and language can be specified. The system uses the parameters to define the report configuration settings and generate the report.

What can Create Reports with Copilot do?

In this preview version, Copilot has two functionalities:

  • Create a report configuration based on end user instructions.
  • Automatically generate a report based on the created report configuration.

You access both functionalities solely through the Copilot chat interface.

What are Create Reports with Copilot’s intended uses?

To create and generate emissions, water, waste, and CSRD reports using a simplified experience. Users can provide natural language instructions to create and generate new reports.

How was Copilot evaluated? What metrics are used to measure performance?

Copilot was evaluated through a thorough red teaming process, testing for common risks such as violence, self-harm, sexual content, and hate and fairness. In addition, Copilot’s performance was measured using extensive grounded response testing. It tests for coverage of intended uses to assess accuracy and the extent to which responses are grounded in reference data.

What are the limitations of Create Reports with Copilot? How can users minimize the impact of Create Reports with Copilot’s limitations when using the system?

As part of the report generation process, Copilot doesn't support creating any sustainability data. Users are limited to a predetermined list of fields to populate through natural language for each report type. Other required fields are set programatically and don't require user instructions.

What operational factors and settings allow for effective and responsible use of Create Reports with Copilot?

You can turn Copilot on and off through the Power Apps admin settings. Copilot includes the following disclosure messaging and the ability to give feedback:

"AI-generated content may be incorrect."

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