Microsoft Purview Information Protection

Microsoft Purview Information Protection is the unification of Microsoft's classification, labeling, and protection services:

  • Unified administration is provided across Microsoft 365, Azure Information Protection, Windows Information Protection, and other Microsoft services.
  • Third parties can use the MIP SDK to integrate with applications, using a standard, consistent data labeling schema and protection service.

Microsoft Information Protection SDK

The MIP SDK exposes the labeling and protection services from Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, to third-party applications and services. Developers can use the SDK to build native support for applying labels and protection to files. Developers can reason over which actions should be taken when specific labels are detected, and reason over MIP-encrypted information.

The labels and protection applied to information across the suite of Microsoft services are consistent. Consistency allows applications and services that support MIP to read and write the labels in a common, predictable manner.

High-level MIP SDK use cases include:

  • A line-of-business application that applies classification labels to files on export.
  • A CAD/CAM design application provides native support for Microsoft Purview Information Protection labeling.
  • A cloud access security broker or data loss prevention solution reasons over data encrypted with Azure Information Protection.

For a more exhaustive list, review API concepts.

The MIP SDK is supported on the following platforms:

Operating system Versions Downloads Notes
Ubuntu 20.04 C++ tar.gz
Java (Preview) tar.gz
.NET Core NuGet (Preview)
Ubuntu 22.04 C++ tar.gz
Java (Preview) tar.gz
.NET Core NuGet (Preview)
RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 and 9 C++ tar.gz
Debian 10 and 11 C++ tar.gz
macOS All supported versions C++ .zip Xcode development requires 13 or greater.
Windows All supported versions, 32/64 bit C++
C++/.NET NuGet
Java (Preview) .zip
Android 9.0 and later C++ .zip Protection and Policy SDKs only.
iOS All supported versions C++ .zip Protection and Policy SDKs only.

Next Steps

Now you're ready to get started with the SDK. The first thing you'll need to do is complete the MIP SDK setup and configuration steps. These steps will ensure your Microsoft 365 subscription and client machine are set up correctly.