Determine the licensing version and features to use in IEAK 11


Update: The retired, out-of-support Internet Explorer 11 desktop application has been permanently disabled through a Microsoft Edge update on certain versions of Windows 10. For more information, see Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ.

In addition to the Software License Terms for the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 11 (IEAK 11, referred to as the "software"), these Guidelines further define how you may and may not use the software to create versions of Internet Explorer 11 with optional customizations (referred to as the "customized browser") for internal use and distribution in accordance with the IEAK 11 Software License Terms. IEAK 11 is for testing purposes only and is not intended to be used in a production environment.

During installation, you must pick a version of IEAK 11, either External or Internal, based on your license agreement. Your version selection decides the options you can chose, the steps you follow to deploy your Internet Explorer 11 package, and how you manage the browser after deployment.

  • External Distribution as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Content Provider (ICP), or Developer. If you are an ISP or an ICP, your license agreement also states that you must show the Internet Explorer logo on your packaging and promotional goods, as well as on your website.


    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that install IEAK 11 as part of a Windows product, under an OEM license agreement with Microsoft, must use their appropriate Windows OEM Preinstallation document (OPD) as the guide for allowable customizations.

  • Internal Distribution via a Corporate Intranet. This version is for network admins that plan to directly deploy IE11 into a corporate environment.

Available features by version

Feature Internal External
Welcome screen Available. Available
File locations Available. Available
Platform selection Available. Available
Language selection Available. Available
Package type selection Available. Available
Feature selection Available. Available
Automatic Version Synchronization (AVS) Available. Available
Custom components Available. Available
Internal install Available. Not available
User experience Available. Not available
Browser user interface Available. Available
Search providers Available. Available
Important URLs – Home page and support Available. Available
Accelerators Available. Available
Favorites, Favorites bar, and feeds Available. Available
Browsing options Available. Not available
First Run wizard and Welcome page options Available. Available
Connection manager Available. Available
Connection settings Available. Available
Automatic configuration Available. Not available
Proxy settings Available. Available
Security and privacy settings Available. Not available
Add a root certificate Available. Not available
Programs Available. Available
Additional settings Available. Not available
Wizard complete Available. Available

Customization guidelines

Two installation modes are available to you, depending on how you are planning to use the customized browser created with the software. Each mode requires a separate installation of the software.

  • External Distribution This mode is available to anyone who wants to create a customized browser for distribution outside their company (for example, websites, magazines, retailers, non-profit organizations, independent hardware vendors, independent software vendors, Internet service providers, Internet content providers, software developers, and marketers).

  • Internal Distribution This mode is available to companies for the creation and distribution of a customized browser only to their employees over a corporate intranet.

The table below identifies which customizations you may or may not perform based on the mode you selected.

Feature Name External Distribution Internal Distribution
Custom Components Yes Yes
Title Bar Yes Yes
Favorites One folder, containing any number of links. Any number of folders/links.
Search Provider URLs Yes Yes
Search Guide URL No Yes
Online Support URL Yes Yes
Web Slice Suggested maximum five Web Slices. Any number of Web Slices.
Accelerator Search provider Accelerator must be the same as the search provider set for the Search Toolbox. We recommend that Any number of Accelerators/Accelerator Categories. Feature Name External Internal Accelerator category not exceed seven total categories, and each Accelerator category must be unique. We recommend each Accelerator category not have more than two Accelerators. The Accelerator display name should follow the syntax of verb + noun, such as "Map with Bing." Any number of Accelerators/Accelerator Categories.
Homepage URLs Can add a maximum of three. Unlimited.
First Run Wizard and Welcome Page Options Cannot remove Internet Explorer 11 First Run wizard. Can customize Welcome page. Customizable.
RSS Feeds One folder, containing any number of links. Any number of folders/links.
Browsing Options No Yes
Security and Privacy Settings No Can add any number of sites.
Corporate Options (Latest Updates, Default Browser, Uninstall Info, Additional Settings) No Yes
User Experience (Setup/Restart) No Yes
User Agent String Yes Yes
Compatibility View Yes Yes
Connection Settings and Manage Yes Yes

Support for some of the Internet Explorer settings on the wizard pages varies depending on your target operating system. For more information, see Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 11 options.

Distribution guidelines

Two installation modes are available to you, depending on how you are planning to use the customized browser created with the software. Each mode requires a separate installation of the software.

  • External Distribution You shall use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the quality of (i) any non-Microsoft software distributed with Internet Explorer 11, and (ii) any media used for distribution (for example, optical media, flash drives), at a level that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. If you distribute add-ons with Internet Explorer 11, those add-ons must comply with the Microsoft browser extension policy.

  • Internal Distribution - corporate intranet The software is solely for use by your employees within your company's organization and affiliated companies through your corporate intranet. Neither you nor any of your employees may permit redistribution of the software to or for use by third parties other than for third parties such as consultants, contractors, and temporary staff accessing your corporate intranet.