Enroll iOS devices in Intune for Education

Devices are ready to power on and enroll in management after you:


Make sure your devices are connected to the Internet and your account has enough Intune for Education device licenses to complete setup. Find out more about licensing in Assign licenses to users.

Preconfigured enrollment profile

Intune for Education creates and assigns each synced device a school-optimized enrollment profile.

Enrollment profiles are configured to tell the device how to set itself up and enroll in management. Intune configures the settings to help speed up your enrollment. When you power on the device, the enrollment profile immediately begins setting up your device.

Preconfigured settings

During initial device setup, devices enroll with the following configurations:

  • No user affinity
  • Supervised mode enabled
  • Blocked from syncing or pairing with other devices
  • Locked enrollment, meaning users can't change management settings on their devices

Intune for Education applies a naming scheme to devices that you enroll with an MDM server token. By default, devices are named with their device serial number. You can also add on a custom device name when you set up your MDM server token.

The following Setup Assistant settings are hidden during enrollment:

  • Passcode setup
  • Location Services
  • Device restore
  • iCloud & Apple ID
  • Touch ID setup
  • Apple Pay setup
  • Display Zoom options
  • Siri setup
  • Diagnostics Data options

The following Setup Assistant setting is shown during enrollment:

  • Terms and Conditions

What is Setup Assistant?

The first time that you turn on your device, Intune for Education launches the iOS out-of-box experience, called Setup Assistant. Setup Assistant walks you through a series of screens and prepares your device for school use.

Enroll a device

Walk through the following steps to complete device enrollment.

  1. Turn on your iOS device.
  2. After you select your Language, connect your device to Wi-Fi.
  3. On the Set up iOS device screen, select your Country/Region.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to automatically or manually connect to Wi-Fi. After you're connected, the Configuration screen appears, with enrollment details.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then decide if you want to send diagnostic information to Apple.

Next steps

Now that devices are set up and ready for school use, learn how to update, monitor, and troubleshoot them.