Azure Purview DataMap client library for Java - version 1.0.0-beta.1

Microsoft Purview Data Map provides the foundation for data discovery and data governance. Microsoft Purview Data Map is a cloud native PaaS service that captures metadata about enterprise data present in analytics and operation systems on-premises and cloud. Azure Purview DataMap client provides a set of APIs in Purview Data Map Data Plane. For a full list of APIs, please refer to Data Map API.

This package contains Microsoft Azure PurviewDataMap client library.


Various documentation is available to help you get started

Getting started


Adding the package to your product



Azure Identity package provides the default implementation for authenticating the client.

Key concepts

See [DataMap APIs][] for general introduction the API scenarios.


Get Type Definition By Name

ClientSecretCredential cred = new ClientSecretCredentialBuilder()
DataMapClientBuilder clientBuilder = new DataMapClientBuilder()

TypeDefinitionClient typeDefinitionClient = clientBuilder.buildTypeDefinitionClient();
AtlasEntityDef type = typeDefinitionClient.getEntityByName("AtlasGlossary");


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