Azure Data Lake Analytics libraries for Java


Run big data analysis jobs that scale to massive data sets with Azure Data Lake Analytics.

To get started with Azure Data Lake Analytics, see Get started with Azure Data Lake Analytics using Java SDK.

Management API

Use the management API to manage Data Lake Analytics accounts, jobs, policies, and catalogs.

Add a dependency to your Maven pom.xml file to use the management API in your project.



Submit a new U-SQL job to Data Lake Analytics.

// authenticate with service principal credentials
ApplicationTokenCredentials creds = new ApplicationTokenCredentials(_clientId, _tenantId, _clientSecret, null);
DataLakeAnalyticsJobManagementClient adlaJobClient = new DataLakeAnalyticsJobManagementClientImpl(creds);

// set up job parameters
UUID jobId = java.util.UUID.randomUUID();
USqlJobProperties properties = new USqlJobProperties();
properties.setScript("@input =  EXTRACT Data string FROM \"/input1.csv\" USING Extractors.Csv(); OUTPUT @input TO @\"/output1.csv\" USING Outputters.Csv();");
JobInformation parameters = new JobInformation();

// create the job
JobInformation jobInfo = adlaJobClient.getJobOperations().create(accountName, jobId, parameters).getBody();


Azure Data Lake Analytics using Java SDK

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