DiskState type

Defines values for DiskState.
KnownDiskState can be used interchangeably with DiskState, this enum contains the known values that the service supports.

Known values supported by the service

Unattached: The disk is not being used and can be attached to a VM.
Attached: The disk is currently attached to a running VM.
Reserved: The disk is attached to a stopped-deallocated VM.
Frozen: The disk is attached to a VM which is in hibernated state.
ActiveSAS: The disk currently has an Active SAS Uri associated with it.
ActiveSASFrozen: The disk is attached to a VM in hibernated state and has an active SAS URI associated with it.
ReadyToUpload: A disk is ready to be created by upload by requesting a write token.
ActiveUpload: A disk is created for upload and a write token has been issued for uploading to it.

type DiskState = string