Control element

Defines a control that executes an action or launches a task pane. A <Control> element can be either a button or a menu option. At least one <Control> must be included in a Group element.

Add-in type: Task pane, Mail

Valid only in these VersionOverrides schemas:

  • Task pane 1.0
  • Mail 1.0
  • Mail 1.1

For more information, see Version overrides in the manifest.

Associated with these requirement sets:

  • AddinCommands 1.1 (For a task pane add-in.)
  • Some child elements may be associated with additional requirement sets.


Attribute Required Description
xsi:type Yes The type of control being defined. Can be Button, Menu, or MobileButton.
id Yes The ID of the control element. Can be a maximum of 125 characters. Must be unique across all <Control> elements in the manifest.


The MobileButton value for xsi:type is defined in VersionOverrides schema 1.1. It only applies to the <Control> elements contained within a MobileFormFactor element.

Child elements

The valid child elements depend on the value of the xsi:type attribute.