EquivalentAddins element

Specifies backwards compatibility with an equivalent COM add-in, XLL, or both.


The equivalent add-in feature is supported by the following platform and applications. COM add-ins cannot be installed on any other platform, so on those platforms the manifest element that is discussed later in this article, EquivalentAddins, is ignored.

  • Excel, Word, and PowerPoint on Windows (Version 1904 or later)
  • Outlook on Windows (Version 2102 or later) against a supported Exchange server version
    • Exchange Online
    • Exchange 2019 Cumulative Update 10 or later (KB5003612)
    • Exchange 2016 Cumulative Update 21 or later (KB5003611)

Add-in type: Task pane, Mail, Custom function

Valid only in these VersionOverrides schemas:

  • Task pane 1.0
  • Mail 1.1

For more information, see Version overrides in the manifest.



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