Office.Item interface

The item namespace is used to access the currently selected message, meeting request, or appointment. You can determine the type of the item by using the itemType property.

To see the full member list, refer to the Object Model page.

If you want to see IntelliSense for only a specific type or mode, cast this item to one of the following:


Minimum permission level: restricted

Applicable Outlook mode: Appointment Organizer, Appointment Attendee, Message Compose, Message Read


// Link to full sample:

const itemType = Office.context.mailbox.item.itemType;
switch (itemType) {
    case Office.MailboxEnums.ItemType.Appointment:
        console.log(`Current item is an ${itemType}.`);
    case Office.MailboxEnums.ItemType.Message:
        console.log(`Current item is a ${itemType}. A message could be an email, meeting request, meeting response, or meeting cancellation.`);