Azure Core HTTP client library for JavaScript - version 2.3.1

This is the core HTTP pipeline for Azure SDK JavaScript libraries which work in the browser and Node.js. This library is primarily intended to be used in code generated by AutoRest and autorest.typescript.

Getting started

Currently supported environments

See our support policy for more details.


This package is primarily used in generated code and not meant to be consumed directly by end users.

Key concepts

You can find an explanation of how this repository's code works by going to our architecture overview.


Examples can be found in the samples folder.

Next steps

  • Build this library (core-http). For more information on how to build project in this repo, please refer to the Contributing Guide.

  • The code in samples\node-sample.ts shows how to create a ServiceClient instance with a test TokenCredential implementation and use the client instance to perform a GET operation from the Azure management service endpoint for subscriptions. To run the code, first obtain an access token to the Azure management service.

One easy way to get an access token is using Azure CLI

  1. Sign in
az login
  1. Select the subscription to use
az account set -s <subscription id>
  1. Obtain an access token
az account get-access-token --resource=


  • Set values of subscriptionId and token variable in samples/node-sample.ts

  • Change directory to samples folder, compile the TypeScript code, then run the sample

cd samples
tsc node-sample.ts
node node-sample.js



If you run into issues while using this library, please feel free to file an issue.


If you'd like to contribute to this library, please read the contributing guide to learn more about how to build and test the code.