PowerPoint.ConnectorType enum

Specifies the connector type for line shapes.


[ API set: PowerPointApi 1.4 ]


// Link to full sample: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OfficeDev/office-js-snippets/prod/samples/powerpoint/shapes/shapes.yaml

// This function gets the collection of shapes on the first slide,
// and adds a line to the collection, while specifying its
// start and end points. Then it names the shape.
await PowerPoint.run(async (context) => {
  const shapes = context.presentation.slides.getItemAt(0).shapes;

  // For a line, left and top are the coordinates of the start point,
  // while height and width are the coordinates of the end point.
  const line = shapes.addLine(PowerPoint.ConnectorType.straight, 
        left: 400, 
        top: 200, 
        height: 20, 
        width: 150 
  line.name = "StraightLine";

  await context.sync();


curve = "Curve"

Curve connector type

elbow = "Elbow"

Elbow connector type

straight = "Straight"

Straight connector type