PowerPoint.GeometricShapeType enum

Specifies the shape type for a GeometricShape object.


[ API set: PowerPointApi 1.4 ]


// Link to full sample: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OfficeDev/office-js-snippets/prod/samples/powerpoint/shapes/shapes.yaml

// This function gets the collection of shapes on the first slide,
// and adds a hexagon shape to the collection, while specifying its
// location and size. Then it names the shape.
await PowerPoint.run(async (context) => {
  const shapes = context.presentation.slides.getItemAt(0).shapes;
  const hexagon = shapes.addGeometricShape(PowerPoint.GeometricShapeType.hexagon, 
        left: 100,
        top: 100,
        height: 150,
        width: 150
  hexagon.name = "Hexagon";

  await context.sync();


accentBorderCallout1 = "AccentBorderCallout1"

Callout: Line with Border and Accent Bar

accentBorderCallout2 = "AccentBorderCallout2"

Callout: Bent Line with Border and Accent Bar

accentBorderCallout3 = "AccentBorderCallout3"

Callout: Double Bent Line with Border and Accent Bar

accentCallout1 = "AccentCallout1"

Callout: Line with Accent Bar

accentCallout2 = "AccentCallout2"

Callout: Bent Line with Accent Bar

accentCallout3 = "AccentCallout3"

Callout: Double Bent Line with Accent Bar

actionButtonBackPrevious = "ActionButtonBackPrevious"

Action Button: Go Back or Previous

actionButtonBeginning = "ActionButtonBeginning"

Action Button: Go to Beginning

actionButtonBlank = "ActionButtonBlank"

Action Button: Blank

actionButtonDocument = "ActionButtonDocument"

Action Button: Document

actionButtonEnd = "ActionButtonEnd"

Action Button: Go to End

actionButtonForwardNext = "ActionButtonForwardNext"

Action Button: Go Forward or Next

actionButtonHelp = "ActionButtonHelp"

Action Button: Help

actionButtonHome = "ActionButtonHome"

Action Button: Go Home

actionButtonInformation = "ActionButtonInformation"

Action Button: Get Information

actionButtonMovie = "ActionButtonMovie"

Action Button: Video

actionButtonReturn = "ActionButtonReturn"

Action Button: Return

actionButtonSound = "ActionButtonSound"

Action Button: Sound

arc = "Arc"


bentArrow = "BentArrow"

Arrow: Bent

bentUpArrow = "BentUpArrow"

Arrow: Bent-Up

bevel = "Bevel"

Rectangle: Beveled

blockArc = "BlockArc"

Block Arc

borderCallout1 = "BorderCallout1"

Callout: Line

borderCallout2 = "BorderCallout2"

Callout: Bent Line

borderCallout3 = "BorderCallout3"

Callout: Double Bent Line

bracePair = "BracePair"

Double Brace

bracketPair = "BracketPair"

Double Bracket

callout1 = "Callout1"

Callout: Line with No Border

callout2 = "Callout2"

Callout: Bent Line with No Border

callout3 = "Callout3"

Callout: Double Bent Line with No Border

can = "Can"


chartPlus = "ChartPlus"

A Rectangle Divided Vertically and Horizontally into Four Quarters.

chartStar = "ChartStar"

A Rectangle Divided into Six Parts Along a Vertical Line and Diagonal Lines.

chartX = "ChartX"

A Rectangle Divided into Four Parts Along Diagonal Lines.

chevron = "Chevron"

Arrow: Chevron

chord = "Chord"


circularArrow = "CircularArrow"

Arrow: Circular

cloud = "Cloud"


cloudCallout = "CloudCallout"

Thought Bubble: Cloud

corner = "Corner"


cornerTabs = "CornerTabs"

Four Right Triangles that Define a Rectangular Shape

cube = "Cube"


curvedDownArrow = "CurvedDownArrow"

Arrow: Curved Down

curvedLeftArrow = "CurvedLeftArrow"

Arrow: Curved Left

curvedRightArrow = "CurvedRightArrow"

Arrow: Curved Right

curvedUpArrow = "CurvedUpArrow"

Arrow: Curved Up

decagon = "Decagon"


diagonalStripe = "DiagonalStripe"

Diagonal Stripe

diamond = "Diamond"


dodecagon = "Dodecagon"


donut = "Donut"

Circle: Hollow

doubleWave = "DoubleWave"

Double Wave

downArrow = "DownArrow"

Arrow: Down

downArrowCallout = "DownArrowCallout"

Callout: Down Arrow

ellipse = "Ellipse"


ellipseRibbon = "EllipseRibbon"

Ribbon: Curved and Tilted Down

ellipseRibbon2 = "EllipseRibbon2"

Ribbon: Curved and Tilted Up

flowChartAlternateProcess = "FlowChartAlternateProcess"

Flowchart: Alternate Process

flowChartCollate = "FlowChartCollate"

Flowchart: Collate

flowChartConnector = "FlowChartConnector"

Flowchart: Connector

flowChartDecision = "FlowChartDecision"

Flowchart: Decision

flowChartDelay = "FlowChartDelay"

Flowchart: Delay

flowChartDisplay = "FlowChartDisplay"

Flowchart: Display

flowChartDocument = "FlowChartDocument"

Flowchart: Document

flowChartExtract = "FlowChartExtract"

Flowchart: Extract

flowChartInputOutput = "FlowChartInputOutput"

Flowchart: Data

flowChartInternalStorage = "FlowChartInternalStorage"

Flowchart: Internal Storage

flowChartMagneticDisk = "FlowChartMagneticDisk"

Flowchart: Magnetic Disk

flowChartMagneticDrum = "FlowChartMagneticDrum"

Flowchart: Direct Access Storage

flowChartMagneticTape = "FlowChartMagneticTape"

Flowchart: Sequential Access Storage

flowChartManualInput = "FlowChartManualInput"

Flowchart: Manual Input

flowChartManualOperation = "FlowChartManualOperation"

Flowchart: Manual Operation

flowChartMerge = "FlowChartMerge"

Flowchart: Merge

flowChartMultidocument = "FlowChartMultidocument"

Flowchart: Multidocument

flowChartOfflineStorage = "FlowChartOfflineStorage"

FlowChart: Offline Storage

flowChartOffpageConnector = "FlowChartOffpageConnector"

Flowchart: Off-page Connector

flowChartOnlineStorage = "FlowChartOnlineStorage"

Flowchart: Stored Data

flowChartOr = "FlowChartOr"

Flowchart: Or

flowChartPredefinedProcess = "FlowChartPredefinedProcess"

Flowchart: Predefined Process

flowChartPreparation = "FlowChartPreparation"

Flowchart: Preparation

flowChartProcess = "FlowChartProcess"

Flowchart: Process

flowChartPunchedCard = "FlowChartPunchedCard"

Flowchart: Card

flowChartPunchedTape = "FlowChartPunchedTape"

Flowchart: Punched Tape

flowChartSort = "FlowChartSort"

Flowchart: Sort

flowChartSummingJunction = "FlowChartSummingJunction"

Flowchart: Summing Junction

flowChartTerminator = "FlowChartTerminator"

Flowchart: Terminator

foldedCorner = "FoldedCorner"

Rectangle: Folded Corner

frame = "Frame"


funnel = "Funnel"


gear6 = "Gear6"

Gear: A Gear with Six Teeth

gear9 = "Gear9"

Gear: A Gear with Nine Teeth

halfFrame = "HalfFrame"

Half Frame

heart = "Heart"


heptagon = "Heptagon"


hexagon = "Hexagon"


homePlate = "HomePlate"

Arrow: Pentagon

horizontalScroll = "HorizontalScroll"

Scroll: Horizontal

irregularSeal1 = "IrregularSeal1"

Explosion: 8 Points

irregularSeal2 = "IrregularSeal2"

Explosion: 14 Points

leftArrow = "LeftArrow"

Arrow: Left

leftArrowCallout = "LeftArrowCallout"

Callout: Left Arrow

leftBrace = "LeftBrace"

Left Brace

leftBracket = "LeftBracket"

Left Bracket

leftCircularArrow = "LeftCircularArrow"

Arrow: Circular with Opposite Arrow Direction

leftRightArrow = "LeftRightArrow"

Arrow: Left-Right

leftRightArrowCallout = "LeftRightArrowCallout"

Callout: Left-Right Arrow

leftRightCircularArrow = "LeftRightCircularArrow"

Arrow: Circular with Two Arrows in Both Directions

leftRightRibbon = "LeftRightRibbon"

Ribbon: Straight with Both Left and Right Arrows

leftRightUpArrow = "LeftRightUpArrow"

Arrow: Left-Right-Up

leftUpArrow = "LeftUpArrow"

Arrow: Left-Up

lightningBolt = "LightningBolt"

Lightning Bolt

lineInverse = "LineInverse"

Straight Line from Top-Right Corner to Bottom-Left Corner of the Shape

mathDivide = "MathDivide"

Division Sign

mathEqual = "MathEqual"


mathMinus = "MathMinus"

Minus Sign

mathMultiply = "MathMultiply"

Multiplication Sign

mathNotEqual = "MathNotEqual"

Not Equal

mathPlus = "MathPlus"

Plus Sign

moon = "Moon"


nonIsoscelesTrapezoid = "NonIsoscelesTrapezoid"

Trapezoid which may have Non-Equal Sides

noSmoking = "NoSmoking"

"Not Allowed" Symbol

notchedRightArrow = "NotchedRightArrow"

Arrow: Notched Right

octagon = "Octagon"


parallelogram = "Parallelogram"


pentagon = "Pentagon"


pie = "Pie"

Partial Circle with Adjustable Spanning Area

pieWedge = "PieWedge"

Partial Circle

plaque = "Plaque"


plaqueTabs = "PlaqueTabs"

Four Quarter Circles that Define a Rectangular Shape.

plus = "Plus"


quadArrow = "QuadArrow"

Arrow: Quad

quadArrowCallout = "QuadArrowCallout"

Callout: Quad Arrow

rectangle = "Rectangle"


ribbon = "Ribbon"

Ribbon: Tilted Down

ribbon2 = "Ribbon2"

Ribbon: Tilted Up

rightArrow = "RightArrow"

Arrow: Right

rightArrowCallout = "RightArrowCallout"

Callout: Right Arrow

rightBrace = "RightBrace"

Right Brace

rightBracket = "RightBracket"

Right Bracket

rightTriangle = "RightTriangle"

Right Triangle

round1Rectangle = "Round1Rectangle"

Rectangle: Single Corner Rounded

round2DiagonalRectangle = "Round2DiagonalRectangle"

Rectangle: Diagonal Corners Rounded

round2SameRectangle = "Round2SameRectangle"

Rectangle: Top Corners Rounded

roundRectangle = "RoundRectangle"

Rectangle: Rounded Corners

smileyFace = "SmileyFace"

Smiley Face

snip1Rectangle = "Snip1Rectangle"

Rectangle: Single Corner Snipped

snip2DiagonalRectangle = "Snip2DiagonalRectangle"

Rectangle: Diagonal Corners Snipped

snip2SameRectangle = "Snip2SameRectangle"

Rectangle: Top Corners Snipped

snipRoundRectangle = "SnipRoundRectangle"

Rectangle: Top Corners One Rounded and One Snipped

squareTabs = "SquareTabs"

Four Small Squares that Define a Rectangular Shape.

star10 = "Star10"

Star: 10 Points

star12 = "Star12"

Star: 12 Points

star16 = "Star16"

Star: 16 Points

star24 = "Star24"

Star: 24 Points

star32 = "Star32"

Star: 32 Points

star4 = "Star4"

Star: 4 Points

star5 = "Star5"

Star: 5 Points

star6 = "Star6"

Star: 6 Points

star7 = "Star7"

Star: 7 Points

star8 = "Star8"

Star: 8 Points

stripedRightArrow = "StripedRightArrow"

Arrow: Striped Right

sun = "Sun"


swooshArrow = "SwooshArrow"

Arrow: Curved Right Arrow with Varying Width

teardrop = "Teardrop"


trapezoid = "Trapezoid"


triangle = "Triangle"

Isosceles Triangle

upArrow = "UpArrow"

Arrow: Up

upArrowCallout = "UpArrowCallout"

Callout: Up Arrow

upDownArrow = "UpDownArrow"

Arrow: Up-Down

upDownArrowCallout = "UpDownArrowCallout"

Callout: Up-Down Arrow

uturnArrow = "UturnArrow"

Arrow: U-Turn

verticalScroll = "VerticalScroll"

Scroll: Vertical

wave = "Wave"


wedgeEllipseCallout = "WedgeEllipseCallout"

Speech Bubble: Oval

wedgeRectCallout = "WedgeRectCallout"

Speech Bubble: Rectangle

wedgeRRectCallout = "WedgeRRectCallout"

Speech Bubble: Rectangle with Corners Rounded