Outlook add-in API requirement set 1.12

The Outlook add-in API subset of the Office JavaScript API includes objects, methods, properties, and events that you can use in an Outlook add-in.

What's new in 1.12?

Requirement set 1.12 includes all of the features of requirement set 1.11. It added the following features.

Change log

  • Added new events for event-based activation: Adds support for the following events.

    • OnMessageSend
    • OnAppointmentSend
    • OnMessageCompose
    • OnAppointmentOrganizer
  • Modified the LaunchEvent manifest element: Adds the SendMode attribute used by the OnMessageSend and OnAppointmentSend events. This attribute specifies options available to the user if an add-in stops an item from being sent or if the add-in is unavailable.

  • Modified Office.AddinCommands.EventCompletedOptions: Adds the errorMessage property to display a message to the user if allowEvent is set to false when the add-in's event handler condition isn't met.

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