PowerPoint JavaScript preview APIs

New PowerPoint JavaScript APIs are first introduced in "preview" and later become part of a specific, numbered requirement set after sufficient testing occurs and user feedback is acquired.


Preview APIs are subject to change and are not intended for use in a production environment. We recommend that you try them out in test and development environments only. Do not use preview APIs in a production environment or within business-critical documents.

To use preview APIs:

API list

The following table lists the PowerPoint JavaScript APIs currently in preview. For a complete list of all PowerPoint JavaScript APIs (including preview APIs and previously released APIs), see all PowerPoint JavaScript APIs.

Class Fields Description
Slide exportAsBase64() Exports the slide to its own presentation file, returned as base64-encoded data.
getImageAsBase64(options?: PowerPoint.SlideGetImageOptions) Renders an image of the slide.
SlideGetImageOptions height The desired height of the resulting image in pixels.
width The desired width of the resulting image in pixels.

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