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Kaizala is a messaging and productivity app that enable your mobile users to achieve more. With Kaizala, you can have 1:1 chat with individuals, group chat with your teams, and even add groups to your existing groups to communicate within large organizations or communities.

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Microsoft Kaizala Developer Platform

The Kaizala Developer Platform offers multiple ways to integrate and extend Kaizala to suit your organizational needs. With the developer preview, you can use Connectors to integrate Kaizala with your business processes and design custom Actions through the Kaizala Management Portal.


Kaizala Connectors enable 3rd party developers to integrate Kaizala into their business processes by providing the ability to perform a curated set of actions in Kaizala using REST based API calls. The scope of the API is for external systems to call the end-point and perform actions on-demand. That is, this will be a PULL model – where individual endpoints need to be called to perform specific actions using Kaizala APIs. The PUSH model where Kaizala platform can trigger actions can be configured using webhooks.

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Kaizala Actions

Kaizala Actions are basic 'units of work' that help users get work done within a conversation context inside Kaizala. Some of these Actions like Job, Survey, Poll, etc. are shipped out-of-the-box and provide scoped functionality. These Actions can be discovered within the Kaizala app and can be invoked in a conversation context from the Action Palette.

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