Support Provided by Licensing Solution Partners

When to contact your Licensing Solution Partner instead of Microsoft

Microsoft volume licensing is predominantly sold via a Licensing Solution Partners/Microsoft Resellers, and customers will find it more efficient to contact their Microsoft partner for many scenarios, including:

  • Entering into a new Volume Licensing Agreement
  • Changing contact details on existing Volume Licensing Agreements
  • Ordering volume licensing products
  • Advice on products or licensing solutions
  • Invoice accuracy, pricing, payment status or other billing matters relating to volume licenses.

Microsoft Customer Support teams do not make changes to volume licensing orders or invoices issued by our partners.

How To identify your Licensing Solution Partner

Sign In to the VLSC, go to the Licenses tab, click Relationship Summary, and view the License IDs for your organization. Click the License ID to view Enrolment details. (You may have different License Solution Partners for different License IDs).

Your License Solution Partner will be listed on the Contacts tab as a Channel Partner Contact, as well as on the Order Confirmation tab.


In some cases, the contact details display only an organization name rather than specific contact details, so you may need to do a web search for the organization’s contact us details. Alternatively, your organization’s IT or Procurement departments may be able to identify specific points of contacts that you can work with.

Choosing a new Licensing Solution Partner

If your organization is looking to identify a new Licensing Solution Partner, go to and input your location, organization size and search for volume licensing or other service or product you are seeking a solution for.

Contact Assisted Support

VLSC customers may also Contact Us by phone or by Web Form. Microsoft will respond to Web Form submissions within 24 hours.