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Signing into the VLSC

See the following FAQ about signing.

Who accesses the Volume License Service Center (VLSC)

Individuals who are granted access to the VLSC are notified of their permission assignment in a welcome email from Microsoft.

The notification invites them to register as a VLSC user and immediately access and manage their agreements.

Permission to access the VLSC is granted in one of two ways:

  1. You are listed as one of the following contacts for the agreements in a legal Volume Licensing Program form.
  • Primary Contact
  • Notices Correspondent
  • Online Administrator
  • Software Assurance Manager
  • Online Services Manager
  • Subscriptions Manager
  1. A VLSC Administrator with access to the agreements assigns you permission to specific agreement(s).

How to register to use the VLSC

Managing your volume licensing agreements in the VLSC is possible only if you are a registered user of the site. Registration requires a valid business (work) email address. This is the email address provided by your Reseller on your Volume License Agreement or Open License Order.

To register for the first time as a VLSC user:

  • To start the registration process, select Sign in with your Work Account.
  • Enter your business email address and click Submit.
  • The VLSC will bring you through the Sign In or Sign Up process of creating a VLSC User ID with a work account (business email).
  • If it is your first time to sign into VLSC, you are required to input the business email address where you received the invitation to register.
  • If the business email address listed on the agreement is different to the business email you used to Sign In with, a verification email will be sent to the email address listed on the agreement. You should access that email account, find the email titled "Thank you for Registering with the Volume Licensing Service Center" and Click the link in the e-mail to confirm your ownership of the business e-mail address. Allow up to 48 hours to receive this validation email and gain access to your agreements in the VLSC. If you see a message in the VLSC telling you that no permissions are associated with your account, do not re-register until you have waited 48 hours. Then you may try to register again.

What is a work or school account needed to sign into VLSC

A work or school account typically takes the form of or (where orgname is their employer's email domain name). This helps customers and Microsoft alike to validate the user's assigned permissions are accurately and securely affiliated with the licensed organization.

The requirement for a Work Account is for the purpose of authenticating a user's relationship with an organization and does not require that user or organization to consume Microsoft Services such as Office 365. However, if you do use one of those services you already have a work account. Sign in with the same account you use to access that service.

Microsoft Accounts linked to individuals rather than to organizations are intended to access personal services from Microsoft, such as email, Xbox or Windows 10 on a home PC. Because these accounts are personal to the user rather than to an organization, they are not appropriate for use on the VLSC. (It is no longer possible to register a business email address using a Microsoft Account).

If you previously signed in to the VLSC using a Microsoft account, the VLSC will prompt you to sign in instead with a work account. The process of converting your VLSC user ID to a Work Account is quick and achieved by following these steps in the screen that opens:

  1. Enter your name and work email address.

  2. Microsoft will send a verification code (signup code) to this work email address. Check your email and enter that code in the box titled Signup code.


    Confirm the country or region for your organization and change this if necessary. You cannot change this after you finish the signup process.

  3. In the future, sign in to the VLSC using this work account. This will ensure you are using agreements associated with your organization.

VLSC Sign In Errors

See the following FAQ about the sign-in errors.

Error Code E06 "We are unable to complete your action"

If you have used a work account to sign in to the VLSC and then try to sign in using a Microsoft account, the VLSC will display this error message. Sign in using the work account displayed in the error message:

(Error E06)

Error Code E03 "Sorry, we cannot finish signing you up. Your IT Department has turned off signup for Volume Licensing Service Center"

If you see this error message, an administrator of your organization's Microsoft services has restricted users with your domain name from signing up to new subscriptions such as Power BI. Unfortunately, this restriction also prevents users from signing up for the VLSC.

Contact your Network Administrator (the person who administers your domain) and ask them to adjust permissions so that you can register to use the VLSC. Note, this does not require that you have a subscription. For more information about how admins can turn on and turn off this feature that prevents you from signing up for the VLSC, see the help topic titled How can I prevent users from joining my existing Office 365 tenant?

(Error E03)

Error Code E02 "We are sorry. We are unable to complete your sign up to VLSC as the email domain you have provided is restricted for automatic sign up."

Some IT Administrators specifically restrict users from being able to sign up for online service subscriptions independently of an IT Administrator. Because the VLSC uses the same work account sign up solution as these services, signing up to VSLC is also blocked and will require the IT administrator to adjust the domain settings to allow users sign up to the VLSC. These changes don't need to be permanent. The administrator can change the settings back immediately after VSLC registration has been completed. Technical instructions are available here. You may also contact us for further assistance.

(Error Code E04)

Error E05 "We are sorry. We are unable to complete your sign up to VLSC as the email domain you have provided is restricted for automatic sign up."

We cannot create a work account with the domain name you used if that account does not exist in your organization's Active Directory. Your organization's IT administrator should be able to guide you on what account to use, or can create a new account in your organization's Active Directory.

(Error E05)

Contact Assisted Support

VLSC customers may also Contact Us by phone or by Web Form. Microsoft will respond to Web Form submissions within 24 hours.