Support ending for Legacy Adxstudio Portals v7

Originally published: September 14, 2017

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Since acquiring Adxstudio in 2015, Microsoft has built native Adxstudio Portals v7 customer engagement features into Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Portals. In late 2016, as a part of this transition, Microsoft began the process of discontinuing new license sales for legacy Adxstudio Portals v7. Continuing this effort, formal support for legacy Adxstudio Portals v7 will end on August 1, 2018. Please use this interim time period to plan and determine the best transition path forward for your organization.

There are three options for migration:

  1. Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Portals with the understanding that certain features from legacy Adxstudio Portals v7 will no longer be available. Microsoft will provide migration documentation and ongoing support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 -- Portals in addition to support from experienced Microsoft partners (fees may apply).
  2. Download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Portals v8.3 open-source code and customize it to meet your organization's needs. Please note this may limit future migrations and Microsoft support will not be available for critical bug fixes or security issues. The source code can be downloaded for free through the Microsoft Download Center.
  3. Continue using legacy Adxstudio Portals v7 - provided your organization has purchased Adxstudio Portals v7 under a perpetual license - with the understanding that no further updates are planned, and formal support will end on August 1, 2018. Microsoft will provide support to fix critical bugs and security issues until August 1, 2018.

Please refer to the CRM Team blog for documentation availability and updates, including migration information.

For questions regarding subscriptions or billing, please reach out to Billing & Subscription support.