Compliance APIs Overview

LinkedIn provides the following Compliance API Guides for all monitoring, archiving, and management of communications for enterprises in regulated industries. The APIs will help your social interactions remain effective while ensuring compliance with corporate governance policies and major regulations.


You must use an access token to make an authenticated call on behalf of a user. To utilize all the new Compliance APIs, you will need the two following member permissions:


The use of these APIs is restricted to developers approved by LinkedIn. Reach out to your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or Business Development contact as you will need to meet certain criteria and sign an API agreement with data restrictions in order to use this integration.


Permissions Description
r_compliance Required to retrieve activities for compliance monitoring and archiving.
w_compliance Required to manage and delete data for compliance.


We recommend partners to request the r_compliance and w_compliance permissions on behalf of users to be able to use all the V2 APIs.

New Development

Ready to start development? Refer to the links below for guidance on building your application.

Best Practices

When onboarding a new member under compliance regulation, there are often questions about coverage of activities and more. To help ease the onboarding process, follow these steps as best practices to monitor, archive and manage your customers.

To begin, you must use an access token to make an authenticated call on behalf of a user for all Compliance related APIs. Once the member has authorized, you should begin by getting a complete overview of the member's profile. To do so, please refer to the snapshot overview page .

After you gather the current snapshot of the member's profile, you will follow the Compliance Events API to set the member up for monitoring. When the compliance authorization opt-in is complete, you will call the API periodically to check for any activities the member performed. Besides the Events API, you will also have access to request other APIs to capture new snapshots of the member's profile from time to time as well as inquiring more information or data that is not present in the Events API.

Lastly, to remediate you will have access to each service to either update, delete, or both. The values in the Events API will make it easy to remediate while providing you the necessary archiving information.

For more information, please refer to each respective API guide by navigating to Integrations on the left navigation menu.


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