Getting Access to Conversions API

API Endpoints and Permissions

You will have access to the following permissions under the Conversions API product bundle:

  • Conversions: APIs to create/retrieve conversion rules, stream conversion events, associate campaigns to conversions. Permission required is rw_conversions.
  • Account Structure: APIs to retrieve information across sponsored accounts, campaign groups, campaigns, and creatives. Permission required is r_ads.
  • Lite profile information: APIs to retrieve the name and photo of the authenticated user. Permission required is r_liteprofile.


  • You have read the LinkedIn Marketing API Terms and API specs.
  • You have one of the following use cases:
    • Utilize Conversions API and Insight Tag together to measure and optimize campaign performance.
    • To track and measure both online and offline events across customer journey.
    • Connect data to LinkedIn in a way that doesn’t require cookie-based tracking.
    • Compliance requirements that prevent installing Insight Tag on advertiser's website.
    • To provide alternative mechanism to track conversion events for LinkedIn ads.
  • Be prepared to share your business email address and your organization’s legal name, registered address, website. Your business email address will have to be verified. If you don’t receive the verification email, be sure to check your email's spam folder, junk folder, social tab, and promotional tab. Personal email addresses will not pass the review process.
  • Company Page Verification is required for a developer application applying for access to Conversions API. Ensure that you are not using a fake or test company page.
  • Ensure that a super admin of the LinkedIn Page associated with your organization has verified your developer application.
  • Ensure that your application does not include any portion of the LinkedIn or Microsoft names or logos (e.g. Linked or In).
  • Ensure that you have filled out all required fields in the access request form accurately and completely.


Any failure to meet the above prerequisites will result in your access request being rejected.

Apply for Access

  1. Login to Developer Portal with your LinkedIn account
  2. Choose your developer app from My Apps.


    If you or your organization does not have an existing developer app, create a new developer application.

  3. Navigate to the Products tab under your App name.
  4. From the list of Additional available products, search for the Conversions API product and select Request Access.
  5. Submit the form for LinkedIn to review your application.

Review Process

Once you have submitted the access request form, it will be reviewed by LinkedIn for the following:

  • Verified business email address
  • Verified organization
  • Verified organization website and domain address
  • Application verified by LinkedIn Page associated with same organization
  • Approved use case
  • Compliance with our terms, restrictions, and security, privacy, and trust requirements.

Next Steps

If your application is approved, you will be notified over email about your access to the Conversions API and your developer application will be provisioned with the required permission.

If your application is denied due to identity vetting failure, for example, when we were unable to verify that your organization is a legally registered active entity, you will see an option to appeal for it from your developer portal application products, when you click on the Access denied link next to Conversions API product. Please reach out via a Zendesk ticket.

If your application is rejected, for example, when your access request form provided insufficient details to approve your request, review the Prerequisites and Review Process to ensure your application is in compliance, and if you do not see any option to appeal for it, then you may create a new developer application, and submit a new access request form. You will not be able to re-apply for access with the previously used developer app. Please see the Developer application review status definitions for details about each status and rejection message.

Please note that even if LinkedIn approves your integration, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your integration (including all use, disclosure, and storage of LinkedIn data) is, at all times, in compliance with: (a) the LinkedIn Marketing API Terms and the LinkedIn developer documentation; and (b) all other requirements or restrictions that LinkedIn separately communicates to you (e.g. during or after the review process). LinkedIn retains the right to monitor your application and suspend or discontinue access to the Conversions API for any non-compliance with the LinkedIn Marketing API Terms, even if your application was previously approved by LinkedIn.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out via a Zendesk ticket.