Analytics Services Overview

What is Analytics Services?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Analytics Services provides a set of APIs you can use to obtain user activity data from Sales Navigator. With the insights contained in the analytics data, sales organizations can understand usage and performance of sales teams.

Data and Insights

Analytics on Activity Levels

Analytics Services offers analytics data describing the activities performed within Sales Navigator like performing searches, viewing profiles, saving accounts and leads, and sending InMail.

Analytics on Activity Outcomes

Analytics Services offers analytics data capturing the results of performed activities, such as InMails accepted and rejected, and offers a daily summary of various statistics on a seat holder, including their number of connections and SSI (Social Selling Index).

Key Use Cases

Get Comprehensive Visibility of Usage

Since analytics data is now offered via API, analysts will no longer need to manually download CSVs from Usage Reporting within Sales Navigator and switch between contracts to export all data. Analytics data can be leveraged to build customized dashboards or reporting pipelines to enable better decision making.

Correlate Activities with Sales Outcomes

Analytics data enables analysts to understand usage of Sales Navigator by sales team members over time. With activity and usage data in hand, analysts can correlate Sales Navigator activities with sales outcomes and optimize activities within Sales Navigator to achieve desireable outcomes.

Getting Started

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It's required that all integrations are built by approved partners for the SNAP program. To become a partner, visit this page.


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