Company Fields

Company fields are a subset of data available to you when you request a LinkedIn member's Positions, which describe in more detail the company that the member held a position at.

Field Name Description
id A unique identifier for the company.
name The name of the company.
type One of the following possible values:  public or private.
industry The industry in which the company operates. It is based on what an organization sells or offers to its customers. Assignment of industry can happen in three ways:
1. LinkedIn members create company pages for their organization and assign the appropriate industry. Company to Industry V1 mapping is mostly based on this
2. LinkedIn manually annotates industries for large organizations such as Fortune 500 companies
3. Our models infer industries from Linkedin’s economic graph
See industry codes for a list of possible values.
ticker The stock market ticker symbol for the company.  This field will be empty for companies that are not publicly traded.