Patent Fields Reference

Field Name Description
id A unique identifier for the patent entry.
title The title of the patent.
summary A short summary of the patent.
number A string indicating the patent or application number. e.g. 7,720,722
status:(id) One of the following values:
  • 0 - Patent is an application
  • 1 - Patent is granted
status:(name) A textual description of the patent's status, which is one of the following values:  Application or Patent
office:(name) An object representing the patent's issuing body.
inventors:(id) A unique identifier for this member as an inventor in the list inventors.
inventors:(name) The name of the inventor as displayed on the patent.
inventors:(person) An optional field that returns the LinkedIn member object for this particular member.
date A date object containing the 'day', 'month', and 'year' that the application was filed, or when the patent was granted.
url A public URL to the patent details.