Location Field

geoLocation Field (New)

Member's current location using Bing Geo taxonomy. This field is currently optional while Bing Geo migration is in progress.

Field Name Description Type
geo Member's current location defined by Bing Geo URN. Geo URN
autoGenerated Default to true. True if existing geoLocation is back filled or dual written from legacy location. False if it's a member input. This is read-only, temporary and used for Bing Geo migration to indicate whether the existing geo location is a member input. Clients may suggest members to re-select their location when they haven't. boolean

location Field (Legacy)

Field Name Type
countryCode The lower-caseĀ  ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard country code representing the member's current country.
postalCode Optional string representing the postal code of the location.
standardizedLocationUrn An optional standardized referenced location URN.
userSelectedGeoPlaceCode Optional string representing the place code of the geographic location.

Note: To understand how the display name of the member's location is determined, please refer here.