Position Field

Field Name Sub-Field Name Required Description
id   Yes The unique identifier of the position object.
company   No Standardized referenced company URN.
companyName   No Localizable company name as entered by the member. It is a MultiLocaleString type.
description   No Localizable description for this position. It is a [MultiLocaleRichText](../object-types.md#multilocalerichtext  type.
endMonthYear   No Last month and year at this position. Missing value means the position is current. It is a [Date](../object-types.md#date type. Does not support "day" field.
location   No Legacy location for the position. Only displayed if locationName field is empty.
  countryCode Yes 2 letter country code. Refer to the standardized country URNs for more information.
  regionCode No Optional integer code. Refer to the standardized region URNs for more information.
locationName   No Legacy localizable location name of the position. It is a MultiLocaleString type.
memberRichContents No The list of MemberRichContentUrn associated with the education. Default to empty array.
startMonthYear   No Start month and year at this position. It is a Date type. Does not support "day" field.
title   No Localizable title name of the position. It is a MultiLocaleString type.
geoPositionLocation No New location of the position member worked or works at. This field is absent if member doesn't input position location.
displayLocationName Yes Location of the position as selected from typeahead or entered by the member. This field is a MultiLocaleString type. Validations enforced are: 1) the keys in a localized map all exist within the profile's supportedLocale set; 2) there is a value for profile default locale in the localized string maps.