Similar Entities - Standardized Data API

The similarEntities API is used to retrieve similar standardized entities, given a source entity.

Supported Methods

FINDER sourceEntity


Field Name Sub-Field Name Description
createdAt Creation timestamp of the similar entities data.
similarEntities Array of scored entities corresponding to key. Sorted in decreasing order of score.
score Similarity score assigned to entity in the range of 0 to 1. Higher score represents a better similarity and match.
entity General entity URN in the same URN type as the source entity.

FINDER sourceEntity



Field Name Description
sourceEntity The source entity used to fetch similar entities.

Sample Response

    "elements": [
            "createdAt": 1460395796,
            "similarEntities": [
                    "entity": "urn:li:industry:4",
                    "score": 1.0
                    "entity": "urn:li:industry:5",
                    "score": 0.9683
    "paging": {
        "count": 10,
        "links": [],
        "start": 0,
        "total": 1