Appreciation Schema

Field Name Format Description
created long A timestamp corresponding to the creation of this appreciation
creator Urn The creator of the appreciation. e.g. urn:li:person:123ABC or urn:li:organization:1234.
deleted long An optional timestamp corresponding to the deletion of this appreciation
id long Unique identifier for the appreciation
lastModified long A timestamp corresponding to the last modification of this appreciation
media DigitalmediaAssetUrn[] Defaults to empty array. The media urn(s) shared in this Kudo. This is always the Kudo award itself, but in the future, could also support additional media the member attached.
reason string The appreciation reason that the creator picked. Can currently be the following:
  • THANK_YOU - Thank You
  • GREAT_JOB - Great Job
  • GOING_ABOVE_AND_BEYOND - Going Above and Beyond
  • AMAZING_MENTOR - Amazing Mentor
  • MAKING_WORK_FUN - Making Work Fun
  • TEAM_PLAYER - Team Player
  • OUTSIDE_THE_BOX_THINKER - Outside the Box Thinker
  • INSPIRATIONAL_LEADER - Inspirational Leader
  • GREAT_PRESENTATION - Great Presentation
  • MAKING_AN_IMPACT - Making An Impact
recipients PersonUrn[] The recipients listed in the appreciation.
source Urn Optional. Source the appreciation was published from.