Story Schema

Field Name Format Description
description optional MultiLocaleString A description of the Story, such as the overall theme of the Story or who can post into it, that will be displayed to members. If not present then no description will be shown to members.
endCardThumbnail optional DigitalmediaAssetUrn The image used as this Story's end card's thumbnail. This field will be present for all community and educational stories, as end cards are only formatted for these Story types. End cards are used to encourage members to share a Story item after viewing the current Story's content.
id string The autogenerated id of a Story.
image optional DigitalmediaAssetUrn The image for this Story to be displayed with the Story.
outOfNetworkVisibility boolean Defaults to true. This value indicates if the Story items in this Story should be shown to the viewer when the author is outside of the viewer's network. This field only affects stories that can contain content from multiple creators (e.g. community stories).
owners PersonUrn/OrganizationUrn[] Defaults to empty array. The owners of this Story.
storyType optional enum The type of the Story based on which entities can post into that Story. Can be the following:
  • EDUCATIONAL - Educational story that is created by the LinkedIn marketing team.
  • COMMUNITY -¬†Community Story that can be posted into by multiple entities based on their characteristics (i.e. members in the construction industry).
  • PERSONAL - Personal Story that can be posted into by a single entity (i.e. member, company, etc).
  • AMAZING_MENTOR -¬†Amazing Mentor
targeting optional StoryTargeting The targeting criteria of the story. If set, this story will be only exposed to members that it is targeted towards.
thumbnails DigitalmediaAssetUrn[] A list of images from which one will be selected to populate the image field. The thumbnail shown to the viewer is found in the Story.image field. This field is used to write potential thumbnail candidates to the story record.
title MultiLocaleString The name of the story that will be displayed to members.

Story Targeting Schema

Field Name Sub-Field Name Format Description
activePeriod optional TimeRange When the story targeting will start/expire. If a member is targeted by a story but the present time is not within the active period, the story will not be exposed to the member. If the start or end are not set they will be treated as open. i.e. if there is no start, then the start is considered to be before the current time.
educations EducationTargeting[] Default empty array. Member with these educations are targeted.
currentStudent boolean Defaults to false. If true, only target current students, otherwise target all members.
degree optional DegreeUrn Members have this degree (or are working towards it if the currentStudent field is set to true) are targeted.
fieldOfStudy optional FieldOfStudyUrn Members who are in this field of study are targeted.
school optional OrganizationUrn Members who went (or are currently attending if the currentStudent field is set to true) to this school are targeted. We use organization urn here as school urns are deprecated and moved to organizations.
events EventUrn[] Default empty array. Members who are attending these events are targeted.
geos GeoUrn[] Default empty array. Members who live in any of these geos are targeted.
groups GroupUrn[] Default empty array. Members who have membership in any of these groups are targeted.
industries IndustryUrn[] Default empty array. Members who are currently working in any of these industries are targeted.
locales Locale[] Default empty array. Members who have their locale interface language set to any of these locales are targeted.
organizations OrganizationUrn[] Default empty array. Members who are currently working at any of these organizations are targeted.
priority double Defaults to 0. The range is 0 to 1, inclusive. Higher double value means higher priority. Stories with higher priority will be shown before stories with lower priority.