Common URNs & Namespaces

This reference page displays a set of common URNs on V2 API platform. For reference on URNs, please see here . The bolded names are their namespace and you will find which V1 and V2 APIs correspond to each URN. V1 APIs utilize IDs and V2 APIs utilize URNs.

URN Information V2 Endpoints
  • Person ID is unique to each application.
Profile API
urn:li:share:{id} Share API UGC Post API
  • Will need to utilize newsArticle URN (e.g. urn:li:article:{id}) to retrieve comments and likes in V2 Social Actions API.
Article API
  • This URN type currently captures video posts and will include more types in the future.
urn:li:comment:({activityURN},{commentId}) Social Action API
urn:li:like:({personUrn},{activityUrn}) Social Action API
  • Company ID translates to Organization Urn via urn:li:organization:{companyID}. 
  • Company URN and Organization URN are interchangeable through its namespace (e.g. urn:li:company:1 can become urn:li:organization:1).
  • A School ID will migrate to an Organization URN with an ID translation (e.g. school ID 123 will be urn:li:organization:456).
Organization API