Apply with LinkedIn Development


Note that we are currently not accepting any new partners for Apply with LinkedIn (AWLI). We continue to provide support to our existing partners while actively working on the development of a new version of AWLI.

Apply with LinkedIn (AWLI) aims to bring a shorter and more seamless job application experience to candidates who apply on the career site of our customers. AWLI drives more job applicants to complete applications by reducing the friction caused by adding redundant information that leads to applicant drop-off. It accomplishes this by allowing candidates to share information from their LinkedIn profile and automatically populate answers to common application questions such as name, contact information, location, employers, and education background.

A job seeker goes through the following experience:

  • Firstly, the job seeker visits a job posting on our customer’s career site and can view the Apply with LinkedIn button. If the seeker opts to click Apply with LinkedIn, they are requested to log in into LinkedIn, if not already
  • Next, they are requested for permission to share their profile information as part of an OAuth authentication flow
  • After the job seeker consents in the OAuth flow, we share relevant information from their LinkedIn profile to the career site. The customer platform (career site) pre-populates appropriate application fields from the profile information shared by LinkedIn
  • The job seekers can review this pre-populated information in the job application and edit (if required) before submitting their application

LinkedIn AWLI integration also provides conversion tracking metrics to help our customers distinguish between those who have only initiated their application and those who have completed their application and are in the ATS. Research indicates that having access to the pool of candidates who have started but not finished their application, may reduce time-to-hire for our customers by up to 30%.

Development Prerequisites

Request Access

Before beginning development, you need to be provisioned with access to a test resource. Complete the following steps to request access:

  1. Create API applications for the integration.
  2. You may create two API applications per integration, one for production and one for development and testing. If you have already created an API application for Job Posting, Recruiter System Connect and Apply Connect, then skip this step and go to the next one.
  3. Ensure the application follows the below naming convention: <CompanyName-Dev> for Development application and <CompanyName> for Production application. If you already have created an API application for Job Posting, Recruiter System Connect and Apply Connect then create ticket on Zendesk to get this updated. Also please follow same naming convention when creating applications for your customers.
  4. Ensure that you use the correct company logo as it will display on the consent screen (during OAuth Flow). If you already have created an API application for Job Posting, Recruiter System Connect and Apply Connect and it does not have correct logo then open ticket with Zendesk to get your logo corrected.
  5. Fill out the Onboarding Request Form provided to you by your LinkedIn partnerships contact.

Begin Development

Getting Started

In order to implement AWLI, LinkedIn has broken down the scope of integration into two Development Modules that can be found under API & Plugin Guide documentation. As a customer or partner, you will need to utilize the components described within the below modules:


Module 1 is applicable to partners only. For example application tracking systems serving multiple customers.

Development Tools

We provide a snapshot of your integration journey in the Project Plan template that acts as a helpful summary if you are just beginning development. We also provide a few development tools like API Postman Collection, Sample Applications an so on to assist in efficient, organized and speedy development. Refer to Development Tools documentation for more details.


To ensure both the Apply With LinkedIn Plugin on career site work as expected, LinkedIn must certify the finished development. Be sure to review the test cases per module required for your certification. These test cases should be demoed in your certification recordings. Refer to Certification documentation for more details.

Partner Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any product or technical questions, please refer to the FAQ documentation before reaching out to your LinkedIn Business Development point of contact or open a ticket with our support team.

Announcements and Releases

Summary of changes made to Apply With LinkedIn documentation is published under Announcements and Release Notes.