Apply with LinkedIn Platform Certification


To ensure both the Apply with LinkedIn integration and the Middleware Platform integration (the Customer Onboarding Widget and Provisioning API) work as expected, LinkedIn must certify the finished development.

Upon completing development, please review the Test Cases below and record a short video demonstrating each Test Case.

Video requirements

  1. The video should not exceed 10 minutes
  2. The video file format should be a common video format (mp4, AVI, MOV)
  3. File name must follow the following format: Partner Name_ AWLI_CERT_ MM_DD_YY.mp4
  4. The file should not exceed 100MB

Please refer to the sample video for an example of what your video should look like.

Upon successful certification, LinkedIn will provide you with a new parent API Key for Production.


One video should capture all test cases. Multiple video files will not be accepted. Please refer to the sample video .

Test Cases

# Test Case Expected Result
1 Demo a functioning customer configuration plugin on your settings/integration page. The configuration widget loads up, allowing the admin user to enable the integration
2 Demo receiving a working integrationContext for a customer who turns on Apply with LinkedIn in the customer configuration plugin. The integrationContext is received and presented using the developer console in your browser, logs, or any other visual aid.
3 Demo the application flow The Apply with LinkedIn button renders on customer's career site, the button renders with and without LinkedIn cookie, and the application form populates correctly
4 Was the Apply with LinkedIn widget in conversion mode implemented on the completion page? Tracking event is being fired. In browser developer tools console it accurately shows the trackconversion call on the submit page (400 error will appear for non-paid jobs, which is OK)

Sample Video

This is a sample certification video to act as a reference. Please make sure to have a look at this before you make your own certification video.