Third-Party Job Listing and Job Site Inclusion Guidelines

LinkedIn is a platform for real people to interact with one another professionally, to grow in their careers, and to learn from each other. Millions of people use LinkedIn to search and apply for jobs every day. Helping our members stay safe while they search for jobs on LinkedIn is important to us. Along with our automated defenses, our manual review efforts help us identify and prevent abuse and misbehavior.

Please read these Job Listings Guidelines carefully and provided that you are a third-party site sending jobs to LinkedIn on behalf of your customers, you must at all times ensure that your job listings comply with your Basic Jobs or Limited Listings Job Feed contract with LinkedIn, below guidelines and applicable laws. In case of conflicts between your Basic Jobs contract and the guidelines below, your basic jobs contract with LinkedIn shall control. We may modify these guidelines from time to time and by continuing to send us your jobs/job feed, you agree to any such modification.

Job Listing Guidelines

  1. All job listings sent to LinkedIn must represent valid, real and current job openings. Job listings must represent a legitimate intent to hire for a bona fide job opportunity and comply with LinkedIn’s terms and conditions
  2. Job listings must not misrepresent the job, hiring company, or poster
    • All job listings you provide must strictly adhere to our XML job feed format
    • Job listings must include accurate and complete data for the following data fields: company name, location, job title and complete job description. The aforementioned job listing data fields provided by the third-party site must exactly match the data fields on the source job listing and must not be altered
    • The company name must accurately represent the employer as on the source listing of the job and must not hide the employer name (for example, jobs with employer name of “Confidential” are not permitted)
    • The job title must exactly match the job title as on the source listing and must not be altered to include extra information like location, company name or benefits (for example, “Job in Cleveland”, “Engineer - Salary $100k+”)
  3. The job feed must contain unique job listings to avoid duplicate job content in our search results
  4. The job feed must not contain closed or expired job listings
  5. Job seekers must not have to pay a fee to view or apply to jobs
  6. The job feed must not contain jobs that have been aggregated from other job boards
  7. Job seekers must not have to register or login to view the entire job listing
  8. You must have the right to share with or post the job listing on LinkedIn (for example, you must ensure that the trademark owner and the copyright owner of the content have consented to listing the job). You must commit to removing jobs where a hiring company informs LinkedIn that the jobs have been shared without its prior knowledge and authorization
  9. The application process must lead directly to the source job listing; i.e. when the job seeker clicks the apply button on LinkedIn, they should be immediately directed to the site where the application process is hosted without being redirected to any other sites
    • Any advertisements on the site with your job listing must be unobtrusive and must not distract the job seeker from the description and application
    • The apply button must not be hidden or obscured by advertisements and should be accessible across devices (desktop, mobile, etc.)
    • The application itself must request only information that is requested in the source job listing created by the employer
  10. The application must not be utilized as a tool for lead generation and/or marketing activities. The application process must not require the job seeker to visit social media platforms and/or ‘like’ any communication or entity and/or ‘share’ content as a condition of the application
  11. Job listings should not be utilized for “business opportunities” that require payments or recruitment of others or that resemble franchises, multi-level marketing, club memberships, distributorships, or are entirely or almost entirely commission-based
  12. Job listings should not be offensive to a reasonable person
  13. Job listings should not violate any applicable laws or regulations (in particular those relating to employment discrimination)
  14. Job seekers' privacy and personal information must be protected and only used in conjunction with their job search or application
  15. Job seekers must not be “spammed” or otherwise contacted after they have asked not to be contacted
  16. Any advertisements on the third-party site must be unobtrusive and must not distract the job seeker from the description and application.
  17. Beginning in August 2024, certain third-party jobs may no longer be visible on LinkedIn when they are ingested as Basic Jobs or Limited Listings from third-party sources such as applicant tracking systems (ATSs) and job boards. These limits are designed to prevent abuse, improve product quality, and increase transparency while ensuring that job seekers have access to the best possible opportunities. Please note that LinkedIn reserves the right to require promotion of jobs.

LinkedIn will enforce the aforementioned guidelines and conduct regular audits to verify compliance with the guidelines. As part of our compliance audit, we will serve one warning for observed non-compliance and provide third-party sites one week to comply. In order to protect our users’ best interests, LinkedIn reserves the right to remove from its site any job listing for any reason. Further, LinkedIn reserves the right to remove partners and immediately terminate the Basic Jobs contract for any third-party job site that fails to adhere to these guidelines after one warning and/or generates an excessive number of member complaints.