Bind Customer Users

Your customers' users are associated with various entities within LinkedIn Middleware products. In your ATS, you should allow each user to bind themselves with LinkedIn so you can understand the user/entity associations. This will enable you to display Recruiter Prospect Interactions to the users that own them, as well as properly associate users with various securable entities .

Binding is accomplished by storing or updating a mapping between the user in your system and the authenticated user's person id returned via LinkedIn API.


LinkedIn user ids are scoped to the API key. Therefore, the same LinkedIn user will have a unique id across your customers.

Obtain an OAuth 2 User Access Token

Using the customer's API key credentials, initiate the OAuth 2 Authorization Code flow to obtain a token for the LinkedIn user.

You should request the r_liteprofile scope.

Bind a User

Using the user's access token obtained above, call the Profile API to retrieve the user's LinkedIn Person id. Use Field Projections to only have the id field returned in the response. That's the only identifier you need to create or update the user's binding. This Person id will be used to match the ATS user to Recruiter Seatholders .

Sample Request


Sample Response

    "id": "yrZCpj2Z12"