Overview Recruiter System Connect (RSC)

Recruiter System Connect synchronizes customers’ candidate information between your ATS and LinkedIn Recruiter. Once you have integrated with Recruiter System Connect, you may reach out to your Business Development Manager to discuss additional integrations such as Recommended Matches and Unified Search.

Below outlines what functionality is available with Recruiter System Connect:

  • Rediscovered Candidates
  • In-ATS Indicator
  • One-Click Export
  • Enhanced Profile Widget
  • Retrieve InMail History
  • Retrieve Note History
  • Retrieve Stub Profiles after an InMail Response

Kindly see Recruiter System Connect Presentation to learn more about the above features and how your ATS & LinkedIn integration is expected to work together.

To see Recruiter System Connect in action and to know what ATS partners are already supported please visit the Recruiter System Connect Business Site.


New Talent Solutions integrations like Recruiter System Connect are built on the Middleware Platform , which means you should manage job applications exclusively via the Middleware endpoints.

If you’ve previously integrated with LinkedIn Referrals, you’ll need to switch to using the Middleware Platform for submitting job applications.

1. Development Prerequisites

Request Access


  • The use of these APIs is restricted to those developers approved by LinkedIn. Please reach out to your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or Business Development contact as you will need to meet certain criteria and sign an API agreement with data restrictions in order to use this integration.

  • If you are not yet a LinkedIn Talent Solutions Partner, please complete the LinkedIn Talent Solutions Partner Request Form.

Before developing with RSC, you need to develop an application with Job Posting first. Refer to Job Posting API Overview to understand API Implementation details to create and manage jobs.

Next, you will need to be provisioned access to test resources, and your API applications will have to be enabled to access the Recruiter System Connect endpoints. You can request access by completing the following steps:

  1. Create API applications for the integration. You may create 2 API applications per integration - 1 for production, and 1 for development and testing.
  2. Please contact the member from LinkedIn Business Development who you have been working with and request to fill out the Partner Onboarding Form.

After the above steps, you'll be provided with various Test Credentials in the mail which you will consume for your development & testing. Next, ensure that:

  • You can log into LinkedIn Recruiter
  • You can access the One-Click Export and In-ATS indicator within LinkedIn Recruiter

2. Begin Development

Get Started

Once your application is configured, you may begin making API requests and testing the integration.


  • Terms like "Partner ATS" & "Customer" are referenced throughout this documentation. "Partner ATS" is an ATS with multiple customers. "Customer" stands for proprietary ATS or Career Page Solution.
  • New Talent Solutions integrations like Recruiter System Connect are built on the Middleware Platform, which means you should manage your job applications exclusively via the Middleware endpoints.
  • All API requests require OAuth's 2 Legged Authorization.
  • API requests return paged results; details on paging through results can be found here.

In order to implement Recruiter System Connect, LinkedIn has broken down the scope of integration into 5 Development Modules that can be found under API & Plugin Guide documentation. As a customer or partner, you will need to utilize the components described within below modules:

Customer Onboarding for Partners

Partner ATS has to create and maintain configurations for every customer with LinkedIn Middleware. In the process, the partner gets a unique API key(Client ID) & Client Secret, Organization URN and Contract URN corresponding to each customer that needs to be persisted.


  • All component APIs described in the above modules need to be invoked on behalf of the customer by the partner using the OAuth Client ID & Client Secret of Customer Application.

Refer to Module 1 - Configure Customer Applications and ATS Integrations for details.

3. Development Tools

We provide a snapshot of your integration journey in Project Planner Template. It provides a very helpful summary if you are just beginning development. We also provide few development tools like API Postman Collection, Sample Applications for testing Recruiter System Connect Plugins to assist in efficient, organized & speedy development. Refer to Development Tools documentation for same.

4. Required Fields

We have put together required fields for all Recruiter System Connect APIs together at one place. Refer to Required Fields documentation to understand what all fields your ATS must provide.

5. Certification

Be sure to review the test cases per module required for your certification. These test cases should be demoed in your certification meetings. These are described in detail here.

6. Developer FAQs

If you have any product or technical questions, please make sure to refer to FAQ section before reaching out to your LinkedIn Business Development point of contact.

7. Customer Support & FAQ Guide

In order to make sure that partners have a smooth journey onboarding their customers with LinkedIn RSC Integration, we have curated support documents & common FAQs here.

8. Announcements & Release Notes

All the changes that are continuously being made to LinkedIn's RSC documentation can be tracked in Release Notes.