Module 1 - Configure Customer Applications and ATS Integrations


Customers who elect to enable RSC must sync all historical candidates, applications, and jobs, and partners must make it possible for customers to do this in their onboarding process. If additional filters, variations, or modifications from this expectation are built into the application, partners must obtain approval via writing from their LinkedIn's Business Development Representative.

Test Case 1 - Customer Onboarding

Execution Steps
  1. Demonstrate a new customer implementing RSC for the first time. *LI will need to provide partner LI credentials of test member with admin recruiter rights to a test company.
  2. Demonstrate that a customer should be able to configure the job availability type as PUBLIC or PRIVATE for the jobs synced.
  3. Demonstrate or explain what initiates the initial historical data sync for a customer and how a customer knows when the sync is complete.
  4. Demonstrate that a customer can enable RSC for multiple Recruiter contracts simultaneously.
Expected Result
  1. The test admin will see the appropriately named integration in Recruiter and will be able to enable it.
  2. Ensure that the ATS provides an option for the customer to choose the job availability type (PUBLIC or PRIVATE). If a partner cannot provide this choice, they should post jobs of type PRIVATE_TO_ATS_INTEGRATION only.
  3. Test admin knows when their historical data is done syncing, and RSC is ready to use.

Relevant Documentation: Customer Configuration