Module 2 - Sync Data from ATS to LinkedIn

Test Case 2 - Historical Data Sync Test for Customer ATS

Execution Steps
  1. Upload historical job requisitions, candidate data, application data.
Expected Result
  1. When a customer activates RSC for the first time, you must sync all of their historical (candidate , application, application stage, jobs) data to LinkedIn to power the integration. Expect to see that at least 2 years of historical data (if available) is present.
  2. On LinkedIn Recruiter, ensure that all synced jobs are available via the export dropdown on the member's profile page.
  3. On LinkedIn Recruiter, in the Enhanced In-ATS indicator for a synced candidate, ensure that all synced data is visible (Jobs, Applications, Notes, Feedback, Stages).
  4. On the ATS, in the Enhanced ATS Profile Widget, ensure that the correct LinkedIn profile appears for a candidate.
  5. Ensure that the jobs synced have the same availability type as configured by the customer in ATS or they are always of type 'PRIVATE_TO_ATS_INTEGRATION'. Verify this by following the testing steps provided in Sync Job from ATS to LinkedIn).

Relevant Documentation: Sync Data from ATS to LinkedIn

Test Case 3 - Candidate Sync Test

Execution Steps
  1. Create a new candidate for a role with unique values for all fields.
Expected Result
  1. Ensure that the unique values for all fields appear in the In-ATS indicator in Recruiter search results and profile page.
  2. Ensure the correct LinkedIn profile appears in the ATS Profile Widget.

Relevant Documentation: Sync Candidates & Profile Plugin

Test Case 4 - Candidate Sync Updates Test

Execution Steps
  1. Edit the value of a synced field for the previously created candidate.
Expected Result
  1. Ensure the new value is reflected in the In-ATS indicator on the Recruiter profile page and search results.

Relevant Documentation: Sync Candidates

Test Case 5 - Error Handling Test

Execution Steps
  1. Sync data with missing required field (for example, missing Title or Description for Sync Jobs).
Expected Result
  1. Display how data errors are handled and what the customer experiences when this occurs. How does a customer fix data issues?
  2. For other unexpected errors (5xx, 4xx), what is the retry logic and logging to identify and report these types of issues?
  3. Confirm you can provide a call and response log (including response headers) made to LinkedIn APIs to LinkedIn in order to debug customer support issues.
  4. If any request in a batch request fails even if the http request returns 200 , then log the failure for the entire request (request body, headers, response headers, response body etc). Include an example link of the batch request.

Relevant Documentation: Error Handling