Service metrics report

This report provides straightforward summaries of key metrics for Microsoft Managed Desktop month over month.

This report will be published each month to the Microsoft Intune admin center and contain aggregate information about the previous month. Historical reports will continue to be available to you through the same admin center for month-over-month comparisons.

To view the Service metrics report:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Intune admin center.
  2. Select Reports.
  3. Navigate to the Microsoft Managed Desktop > Managed devices.
  4. Select the Reports tab. In this view, you'll see all the types of Microsoft Managed Desktop reports available to you.
  5. Select Service reports to see the list of service metrics reports that have been published for your tenant. Once downloaded, it can be viewed or shared with your organization offline and outside of the admin center.

Report information

Below are the data summaries provided in the report.

Data summary Description
Service consumption Learn how Microsoft Managed Desktop devices are being used in your organization. Watch this trend over time to ensure that most of your enrolled devices are Active or Synced.
Windows feature updates Review the distribution of feature update versions across your device estate.
Windows quality updates Quality updates are typically released on the second Tuesday of each month. You can see how quickly the last update was deployed to your Active devices, and review the quality update version of your entire device estate.
Case management Review trends for case creation, case closure, and average age based of the support request you create with our service engineers and security analysts.
Incidents Look at the summary stats for customer raised incidents and service raised incidents that were opened in the last month.
Change requests Review how many change requests your admins raised with our team last month, and see aggregate statistics on how quickly they were carried out.
Request for information Our team responds to requests for information in the order in which they're received (except for security related questions). You can see what categories admins are asking about the most in the last month.
Security operations Review the work of our security analysts to understand how many alerts they've investigated in the last month. Specific details of these cases won't be available in this report, but admins can check out alert specifics in the Microsoft 365 Security portal.
User support Occasionally, elevated access is required for user support scenarios in your organization. You can review the number of times the local admin password has been retrieved for your Microsoft Managed Desktop devices.


Content included in this report may change slightly each month. We are always looking for the best way to share these details with you and will make updates to keep the most relevant information in this report.