Work with app control

Once app control has been deployed in your environment, both you and Microsoft Managed Desktop Operations have ongoing responsibilities. For example, you might want to add a new app in the environment, or add (or remove) a trusted signer. To improve security, all apps should be code-signed before you release them to users. An app's publisher details includes information about the signer.

Add a new app

To add a new app:

  1. Add the app to Microsoft Intune.
  2. Deploy the app to any device in the Test ring.
  3. Test your app according to your standard business processes.
  4. Check the Event Viewer under Application and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\AppLocker. Look for any 8003 or 8006 events. These events indicate that the app would be blocked. For more information about all App Locker events and their meanings, see Using Event Viewer with AppLocker.
  5. If you find any of these events, open a signer request with Microsoft Managed Desktop Operations.

Add (or remove) a trusted signer

When you open a signer request, you'll need to provide some important publisher details first.

To add (or remove) a trusted signer:

  1. Gather publisher details.
  2. Open a ticket with Microsoft Managed Desktop Operations to request the signer rule and include following details:
    • Application name
    • Application version
    • Description
    • Change type ("add" or "remove")
    • Publisher details (for example: O=<publisher name>,L=<location>,S=State,C=Country)


To remove trust for an app, follow the same steps, but set the Change type to remove.

Operations will progressively deploy policies to deployment groups following this schedule:

Deployment group Policy type Timing
Test Audit Day 0
First Enforced Day 1
Fast Enforced Day 2
Broad Enforced Day 3

You can pause or roll back the deployment at any time during the rollout. To pause or roll back, open another support request with Microsoft Managed Desktop Operations.


If you pause the release of a signer rule, that rule must be either rolled back or completed before another rollout can start.

Gather publisher details

To access the publisher data for an app:

  1. Find a Microsoft Managed Desktop device in the Test ring that has an Audit Mode policy applied.
  2. Attempt to install the app on the device.
  3. Open the Event Viewer on that device.
  4. In the Event Viewer, navigate to Application and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows, and then select AppLocker.
  5. Find any 8003 or 8006 event, and then copy information from the event:
    • Application name
    • Application version
    • Description
    • Publisher details (for example: O=<publisher name>, L=<location>, S=State, C=Country)