What is Microsoft AppSource?

Microsoft AppSource is an online store that contains thousands of business applications and services built by industry-leading software providers. You can use AppSource to find, try, buy, and deploy the business software and services that help you run your business.

The AppSource catalog includes software as a service (SaaS) applications, solutions built for Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power BI, Power Apps, and consulting services from Microsoft partners. Access the AppSource product catalog at https://appsource.microsoft.com or through the in-product experience in Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform. Solutions from AppSource may also be available from Microsoft resellers in the Cloud Solution Provider program.

Find what you need on AppSource

AppSource offers simple search and filtering options to help you quickly find what you're looking for. Use the Search bar at the top of the page to find solutions by vendor, product name, or keywords.

Shows the Microsoft Appsource landing page.

Three tabs at the top of the homepage filter results based on the type of AppSource offer:

  • Apps shows all apps tailored to a wide range of industries, categories, and business needs.
  • Consulting services shows prepackaged services that provide assessments, briefings, implementations, proofs of concept, and workshops for your Microsoft solutions.
  • Partners shows profiles of trusted Microsoft partners that can help your organization digitally transform and achieve business goals faster with Microsoft-based services.

When exploring the app gallery, use the filters near the top of the page to narrow results based on the availability of a free trial or test drive, pricing model (free or paid), and customer ratings.

The leftmost pane lets you filter the results based on a list of product types, categories, and industries. AppSource product types are based on products such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform. Categories are based on business functions such as sales, collaboration, or marketing. You can also choose from a list of industries such as financial services, healthcare, and distribution.

Microsoft preferred solutions

When searching or filtering the catalog, results may include Microsoft preferred solutions, which are identified through the preferred solutions badge located in the bottom right corner of the app card or the badge on the product detail page.

Shows the AppSource preferred provider badge.

Preferred solutions are selected by a team of Microsoft experts and are published by Microsoft partners with deep, proven expertise and capabilities to address specific customer needs in a category, industry, or industry vertical.

Take action on a listing

Select an app from the app results to see the listing page for that app. Take action on a listing by selecting one or more of the following:

  • Get It Now: Purchase the solution immediately.
  • Test Drive: Explore a curated demo. A test drive doesn't use your production data or environment but lets you determine whether the solution meets your business needs.
  • Free Trial: Initiate a free trial to evaluate a solution in production, using real data, users, or both.
  • Contact Me: Ask the publisher to contact you so that you can purchase the solution directly from them.

Purchasing requirements

To purchase SaaS apps from AppSource, you'll need an Azure Active Directory account, also referred to as a work or school account. If your organization uses Office 365, your normal email address will suffice. If you don't have one of these accounts, the purchase flow will prompt you to sign up, which is free. For detailed steps, see How to purchase SaaS apps on Microsoft AppSource.

Certification and security

Every product available in AppSource has been certified according to specific criteria. We still encourage you to review each product carefully to ensure it meets your organization's unique requirements. To learn about the certification policies we review for each offer type, see Commercial marketplace certification policies. Microsoft 365 apps have an additional certification and attestation process for publishers.

Terms and conditions

The software vendor defines the price, end-user license agreement, and privacy policies. Every offer on AppSource includes links to the publisher's license agreement and privacy policy. Viewing and acknowledging these agreements is part of the purchase flow. For details, see Legal contracts.

Discover SaaS and Microsoft 365 integrated apps

Our partners can link between a SaaS application and its corresponding add-ins for Microsoft 365. This lets you download and use the add-ins from specific Microsoft 365 services or products when you get a SaaS app linked with add-ins.

In this case, the search result might return only the SaaS app with corresponding add-in product icons on the SaaS app product card. You can navigate between the product detail pages of the SaaS application and integrated app.

If you are looking for the standalone add-ins, you can find them in one of the following ways:

  • Access the AppSource product catalog, and in the left navigation, under Products select Microsoft 365. From the list of products that appear under Microsoft 365, select the boxes for the products you want.
  • Or select the add-in product icon inside the SaaS application product card to go to the specific add-in that has been hidden from the search display.

If a SaaS app requires purchase, see How to purchase SaaS offers on Microsoft AppSource.

Microsoft 365 Admin users can deploy both the SaaS and add-ins in single place. To learn more, see Test and deploy Microsoft 365 Apps - Microsoft 365 admin.

Find ratings and reviews

On every listing page, you'll find ratings and reviews from other customers. Ratings use a five-star scale, and the average rating is displayed on each offer card. Verbatim reviews are also available so you can learn about other customers' experiences. Once you've purchased a solution, you too can leave a rating and review to help other customers make decisions.

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