What is Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is an online store for solutions that are built on or built for Azure and intended for IT professionals and developers. Buyers can access Azure Marketplace in the Azure portal or access the Azure Marketplace online store on the web. The Azure Marketplace online store includes listings for consulting and managed services. Azure Marketplace consulting services are professional service offerings that help customers get started with or accelerate the use of Azure.

Azure Marketplace in the Azure portal

Azure Marketplace is a part of Azure, so you can access the catalog of Azure Marketplace solutions in the Azure portal through the Create a resource option. This option opens Azure Marketplace within the Azure portal, where you can search for solutions by name or by category.

Shows the main Azure Marketplace window, where you can choose whether to browse Apps or Consulting Services.

You can view popular marketplace products across distinct categories or select the See more in marketplace link to open the Azure Marketplace gallery, where you can access filters and advanced search capabilities.

Shows filters at the top of the Azure Marketplace window.

Azure Marketplace streamlines the process of finding IT solutions by organizing products and services into categories like analytics, networking, security, databases, and other common cloud solution areas. In addition to browsing by category, you can also use the search filters to narrow your search results to products that fit your organization’s needs.

Screenshot that shows categories with subcategories.

Azure Marketplace online store

The Azure Marketplace catalog can also be accessed using a web browser without logging into the Azure portal experience. Visit the Azure Marketplace to view the catalog and use search and filtering options to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Screenshot that shows the Azure Marketplace featured apps screen.

Select apps or consulting services on the top navigation section to access the Azure Marketplace catalog and begin the discovery process for apps or consulting services. In the app gallery, solutions are categorized by category.

Screenshot that shows the Azure Marketplace with browse apps section highlighted.

In addition to the cloud applications available in the Azure portal, the online store also lists consulting and managed services offered by Microsoft partners to help customers in solution areas including analytics, DevOps, migration, and security.

Screenshot that shows the Azure Marketplace with solutions areas section highlighted.